We often see a lot of Audi S3 Hatchbacks around, but the Sedan’s are becoming more common. Offering the same 2.0T Quattro (all wheel drive) system but with a little more practicality for most drivers.

Recently this 8V S3 Sedan came to us in our Leichhardt Detailing Studio to have GYEON quartz’ Q2 Duraflex Paint Protection System applied, this twin layer Silazane cerami coating is in fact one of very few coatings that derived from aeronautical protection – which offers an incredibly slick, super-hydrophobic layer that is incredibly hard and durable in the harshest enviroments such as our climate in Australia.

But first, we needed to enhance the gloss a little further to give this silver car the ultimate candy gloss finish! 

Finishing off with GYEON Duraflex Ceramic Paint Protection System to lock in that gloss, help provide easy on-going maintenance and most of all protect the paintwork against Australia’s harsh UV so there is no chance of deterioration.

Check out the finishing pictures below!

Once GYEON quartz Duraflex was applied,  each layer is cured with Short Wave InfraRed Curing lamps [IR Lamps]. This step produces maximum hardness and gloss and truly brings out the best of what GYEON quartz coating system can offer.

Is paint protection worth it and does it really work? With so many brands on the market who do you trust and what is the best? We believe in GYEON quartz, the reasons are quite simple; proven products that regularly and continuely get R&D to ensure that their coatings offer the best finish on all colours, all makes and more importantly are durable for you during the time of your car ownership. Go with a brand you trust that has a history and will support you and your car for years to come.

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