The John Cooper Works (JCW) Mini Cooper Cabrio seems to keep growing, with this said the little hot hatch has a 2.0 twin turbo squeezed into its engine bay now producing a 170kw! Not bad at all for a small convertible to cruise around on Sydney roads during the week and coastal roads on the weekend.

Whilst this car did not arrive to us as ‘brand new’, it did have a few minor paint imperfections and required some attention to remove these blemishes before the application fo XPEL Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating.

After a thorough paint decontamination process to remove all contaminant, fallout and tar from the paint the Mini Cooper was ready to have XPEL Clear Bra Paint Protection Film applied to it. The areas to be protected were the Front Doors, Lower Side Skirts and entire Front; bonnet, guards & headlights as well as the a pillar around the windscreen.

As you can see below, this includes wrapped edges to offer an almost invisible finish for the customer.

Below during the application process of the XPEL ULTIMATE Plus Paint Protection Flim on the JCW’s front left guard.

Now that we have the XPEL Paint Protection Film applied, a final wipe down was completed to remove any excess installation gel in preparation for the coating.

For this JCW Mini Cooper we used XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating, a PPF specific ceramic coating to add that final touch of gloss, add further protection to the XPEL film and more importantly help provide very easy on-going maintenance when its time to wash.

The only solution to prevent stone-chips, debris, insect splatter and other contaminants from affecting your paintwork is the use of a paint protection film, also known as clear bra.

XPEL offers a clear self-healing paint protective film that can be applied to areas where impact is common to cause damage, or in fact to the entire car to prevent any risk of damage. This film is designed to withstand debris from damaging and hitting your paintwork which as we all know causes stone-chips over time.

Protect your car with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film to ensure your car stays as new from day one. We have packages to suit all cars, 4wd’s and even motorcycles. 

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