European styling combined with an incredibly warranty, why wouldn’t you consider the new Hyundai i30 SR!

This little hot hatch arrived to CCP to have our new car protection package with GYEON quartz Duraflex, a 2 part silazane ceramic coating offering an incredibly amount of gloss, easy maintenance but UV protection against Australia’s harash sun for 5+ years. 

A nice touch from Hyundai, satin alloy wheels with sport low profile tyres! Did you know we also offer Ceramic Coating protection for your wheels? This provides protection for your factory alloy or aftermarket wheels to help reduce the amount of brake dust build up along with other road grime from commuting. Prolonging the life of your wheel finish and providing easy on-going maintenance.

Once GYEON quartz Duraflex was applied,  each layer is cured with Short Wave InfraRed Curing lamps [IR Lamps]. This step produces maximum hardness and gloss and truly brings out the best of what GYEON quartz coating system can offer.