We recently had this beautiful Corvette Stingray come into our Sydney Studio for paint enhancement, correction and some oldskool protection – carnauba wax!

The Stingray needed some intensive paint correction to rejuvenate the paint which included several hours polishing to remove imperfections, oxidisation, swirls and other marring that was evident. Whilst the paintwork was not perfect due to the age of the car we were able to enhance the paint quite substantially, we knew that both the customer and ourselves would be happy with the finished result.

Haze, marring and oxidisation from age was quite evident as you can see from above. Removal of these imperfections drastically improved the gloss, depth and finish of the paintwork with use of GYEON quartz and Menzerna Polishes.

The metal & chroming required also some polishing to remove oxidisation, marring and pitting. Comparison photo above shows just how much you can improve your metals with metal polishing for a high gloss mirror finish.

A noticeable finish with plenty of gloss and shine left on this Corvette Stingray once finished with a premium Carnauba wax for maximum depth and detail.

Considering repainting your classic? Maybe consider some our paint correction services to enhance your paintwork that not only is more cost effective but may surprise you in the results that we can achieve.

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