This Camaro ZL1 unfortunately had another brand film on which our customer was not happy with the finish, fitment and overall result. Like all our customers who are fastidious about their car and paintwork, we could ensure that providing a precise, quality and professional finish using the XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Self-Healing Paint Protection Film. 

The owner opted for a Full Body Wrap, this meant the entire car being protected head to toe in XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF Clear Bra, this includes as you see above – or maybe you can’t see, XPEL is an invisible barrier in protection against stone-chips, road debris, bug splatter, dirt and other contaminants from damaging your vehicles paintwork. It is also self healing and will prevent swirls and marring from improper wash techniques and retain a clear high gloss invisible finish as seen.

Whilst the Camaro’s paintwork was not terrible it lacked a lot of gloss and contained several areas with heavy marrinrg and imperfections caused by removal of the old film prior to application of XPEL. We used a combination of GYEON quartz and Menzerna Polishes to remove swirls, marrinrg and enhance the paints gloss before application of the XPEL PPF.

One application fo XPEL was complete, a full wipe down to remove any excess installation solution before application of GYEON quartz CanCoat Pro was applied to add further gloss whilst providing easy on-going maintence for the Camaro.