The reality is, nowadays cars are painted with new environmentally friendly water-based paints, because of this they are more prone to marring and stone chips. XPEL Paint Protection Film (also known as ‘clear bra’) is the best way to protect your investment and ultimately keep your car looking new without risk of paint damage from day-to-day driving.

The ultimate protection package is a combination of XPEL ULTIMATE Film again risk of stone-chips combined with state-of-the-art Ceramic Paint Protection from GYEON quartz which together is the only solution in retaining the highest gloss finish, paint protected against daily element and the ease of maintenance when it comes time to wash. Complete Car Proteciton have several packages to cover all aspects of your cars protectoin, whether its simply the exterior, interior, wheels, stone-chip protection or simply paint correction for swirl removal.

Complete Car Protection provided this gorgeous Red Bentley Bentayga protectoin with XPEL Film with its precise pre-printed patterns from a database of over 80,000 which offers full coverage for this particular Bentley. This allows our Certified Installers to give you the most accurate fitment within milimetre of edges and in may cases the ability to cover over edges to provide an even more

XPEL ULTIMATE self-healing technology offers the ability for the film to return to its original form (clear) after washing swirls, marring or other light scratches they may of affected it.

Interior protection is important as your exteriors protection, especially with this soft leather in the Bentley you would not want to risk any spillage or dye stains. We protected & finished this interior with GYEON quartz for the leather including the dash, seating, steering wheel and door trims. For the upholstery we also protected this with GYEON quartz’ Fabric Coat including the boot area and all floor matting.

Once XPEL had been applied to the Bentley, we finished with adding further protection with GYEON quartz Duraflex – a true ceramic coating that is also applied over the XPEL film to help protect the film whilst adding further gloss and protection to the entire vehicle.
GYEON quartz a synthetic semi-permanent coating and is NOT a wax. Instead it is a ceramic coating which forms a protective layer which allows water drops to release, creating a “self-cleaning” effect which also repels water incredibly well (hydrophobic).  This special coating also adds a tough, rich, deep, super high gloss “glass” like layer, which protects the surface (your paintwork) beneath.  The benefits are that your paintwork will resist dirt, enviromental fallout & contaminants, along with pollen, brake dust, bug splatter and UV damage. GYEON quartz coatings offer a high resistance to the daily elements whilst retaining that high gloss finish and most importantly help to provide easy maintenance.