Luxury meets practicality with performance. 510HP delivered from the V8 bi-turbo offering the ultimate family mover from this C63S AMG Wagon.

This C63S arrived in fairly good condition. A few noticeable paint blemishes, light swirls and minor surface scratches to the paintwork, interior requiring a some cleansing before the process of application for Gyeon Quartz Duraflex Coating , GYEON Interior Protection and Wheel Protection.

The AMG satin wheels require a little more care than your normal gloss finish, with this in mind GYEON quartz Iron was used to safely dissolve any brake dust that may have embedded into the finish, followed with a thorough clean and decontamination removal before application of GYEON quartz RIM protection to provide easy on-going maintenance and a consistent finish for the entire rim.

Functional yet sporty, the AMG leather was intensively cleaned to remove any transfer of dye from clothing, sweat, dirt and grime from daily family use. It was evident that the leather was quite dirty and required a thorough clean before application of GYEON quartz Leather protetion to help prevent the dirt.
Once GYEON quartz Duraflex was applied,  each layer is cured with Short Wave InfraRed Curing lamps [IR Lamps]. This step produces maximum hardness and gloss and truly brings out the best of what GYEON quartz coating system can offer.