XPEL Paint Protection Film – Porsche Cayman GT4

3.8L inline 6-cylinder - a natural rawness in manual format that very new sports cars these days can offer. This gorgeous Porsche Cayman GT4 came into Complete Car Protection in Sydney to have its complete front end protected in XPEL Paint Protection Film. The owner...

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Mercedes-Benz C63S Estate GYEON quartz Protection

Luxury meets practicality with performance. 510HP delivered from the V8 bi-turbo offering the ultimate family mover from this C63S AMG Wagon. This C63S arrived in fairly good condition. A few noticeable paint blemishes, light swirls and minor surface scratches to the...

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XPEL Full Car Paint Protection Film | Ferrari GT4C Lusso

This beautiful Italian Stallion was delivered straight from the dealership to us for complete coverage in XPEL to protect every inch of the car. The owner has used PPF before and knows the benefits, hence wanting to keep this expensive Ferrari paint like the day it...

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